How are service elevators and goods elevator difference?


How are service elevators and goods elevator difference?

In order to select an elevator for your project, it is important to know whether it is a new construction or if it is modernizing an existing building. For heavy load lifting purposes, goods elevators are larger than service elevators, and they also require more structural requirements than other elevators. Let us examine how they differ from each other here.

Service Elevator

In terms of elevator code, service elevators are sometimes treated similarly to passenger elevators. However, they do have some key differences. For one, service elevators typically have a weight capacity of 5000 lbs and only require normal power to operate. If you're in a hospital setting and want to distinguish between the two types, simply look at the elevator's size. Passenger elevators tend to have wider areas, used for transporting people, while service elevators are typically deeper than they are wide. These types of elevators are designed specifically for carrying medical equipment such as stretchers and beds. They should not be mistaken for goods elevators which are intended for workers and stocks or light duty carts in apartments. Additionally, most service elevators have traditional opening doors.

Hospitals usually use service elevators to transfer large objects like stretchers, beds, and other clinical equipment.

The following industries can benefit from service elevators

• The hospital
• Facilities for clinical or medical care
• Accommodations
• Buildings for commercial use
• Shops at supermarkets

Before choosing a service elevator, consider these factors

• Building location
• Sizes and loads to be moved should be considered
• The way it will be processed.

Goods Elevator

Freight elevators, commonly found in industries, factories, and manufacturing companies, are specifically designed to transport heavy loads. With a lifting capacity of up to 100,000 lbs., these elevators boast vertically opening doors to maximize space utilization. The interiors are constructed using heavy-duty steel material and the doors are reinforced to ensure their ability to withstand the weight of goods being transported. Due to their unique purpose and size, freight elevators require separate electrical connections and operators. They are specialized for carrying larger goods compared to other types of elevators or escalators.

The following industries can benefit from goods elevators:
• Distribution centers and warehouses
• Factories and manufacturing plants
• Shopping malls and retail stores
• Industry of Hotels and Hospitality
• Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
• Transportation hubs and airports
• Industry of Food and Beverage
• Centers for logistics and freight

Before choosing a service elevator, consider these factors
• Size and capacity of the load
• Efficiency and speed
• Features that ensure safety
• Compliance with the code

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